Can you remember the last time you felt deeply relaxed? How did you feel?

Did a ‘tingly’ euphoric sensation run down your spine and through your limbs? Or did you feel a general sense of well-being? These sensations can be categorised as ASMR:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:

Automatic/without control

 Relating to physical senses  

Signifying a peak of energy or climax

A reaction to something

This feeling can be induced by a variety of 'triggers'. In the ASMR community, a trigger is a specific type of stimulation, for example, tapping on an object, speaking softly, hand movements and accents.

We are not certain about the science behind what causes ASMR but we do know that it slows down the heart rate. One theory suggests that ASMR stems from security and comfort we receive during our younger years – a feeling you get from a maternal bond.

Tingle Immunity

Remember how excited you were when you finally kissed someone you had been crushing on for ages? The feelings were intense right? Well the first time you do anything is memorable and usually brings intense feelings. Experiencing tingles for the first time is no exception, however, the more you seek out the tingles, the less intense they become (boohoo, we know this is so annoying). This is what our community calls ‘tingle immunity’. Use the resources below to bring your tingles back...