Starting an ASMR Channel on a Budget

To those who are seriously thinking about joining the ASMR community, know that you do not need to invest in fancy equipment to give viewers the tingles they deserve!

Follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to creating your own little community in the wonderful world of ASMR.

Record on your Phone

If you’re already in possession of a smart phone, you have all you need in the palm of your hand. Start your ASMR channel by recording what the ASMR community call ‘lo-fi’ videos – videos recorded purely on a phone and barely edited.

The audio and visual quality won’t be 100%, but that’s okay! Lo-fi videos can trigger ASMR in some people. The focus here should be on the content and how you plan to induce ASMR in your viewer through your mannerisms and triggers,

Once you feel comfortable in front of the camera, step up your game by connecting a microphone.

The Blue Yeti, an affordable choice, is a USB microphone, you can connect it to your phone using a lightning to USB camera adapter, instantly improving the sound quality.

Lightning to USB adapters cost around £29.00. Blue Yeti microphones start at approx. £100.

Use Audacity

Audacity is a free digital audio recording and editing software for Windows, Macs and other operating systems. This is a quick and easy tool for removing background noise and harsh sounds. You can also layer audio files to created multi-layered ASMR videos.


Candles are perfect substitutes for mood lighting. Any old household lamp will do too. Sit next to a window in the daytime – you don’t need to buy fancy box lighting just yet if the purse-strings are tight this month.

Content, Content, Content

Enjoy experimenting with different styles of ASMR. You may find you set out to make a bunch of role plays, but you’re better at spontaneous ramble videos.

You may find that sitting in front of a camera and tapping on objects for 20 minutes is mind numbingly boring, but you may find yourself enjoying hand movements.

Why do you want to make ASMR videos? Always question your motives. ASMR is a nurturing and relaxing experience for the viewers, and if this doesn’t come across in your videos, it will be easily noticed.

You have to be passionate about ASMR – if you think it’s your ticket to make a quick fortune, then think again - video production is time consuming, exhausting and sometimes trolls will appear in your comments section and this can be very upsetting. Having a real passion for the ASMR community will keep you going!

Plan an Upload Schedule

It doesn’t cost anything to create an upload schedule. Grab a note pad and decide which days you will post – and stick to it! We recommend two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday are popular days for releasing new ASMR content.

Triggers Are Everywhere!

The beauty of ASMR is how subjective it is – people are triggered by a variety of objects, including household items!

You'll never look at every day household items in the same way again!

Enjoy tapping, scratching, crinkling, shaking and experimenting!

Listen to Feedback

Once you have posted your first video (so exciting) your lovely viewers will post feedback via the comments section. Listen to this free constructive feedback and build your videos around this, however, do not feel like you have to please everyone.


Network and make friends within the ASMR Community. Reach out to fellow ASMRtists and ask if they would like to collaborate. Be supportive.

Good luck!