ASMRtist Spotlight: Crystal ASMR

Crystal ASMR could win an award for hardest working ASMRtist. She often posts 5 to 7 videos a week! I would like to know her secret as I am often burnt out after posting just one video.

As of writing this, she has 57K subscribers – a testament to her hard work.

She’s super talented. Her ASMR channel is dedicated to art, philosophy and make-up and her creativity knows no bounds; she gave a potato a make-over and made it look absolutely gorgeous! What a talent.

Below you will find my absolute fave, tingle-inducing videos from Crystal ASMR, I think you’ll enjoy them too...

The one where she has your back...

The one where she makes a potato look absolutely stunning - there's hope for all of us!

The tingly one where she paints a pineapple...

Thanks for all you bring to the ASMR community Crystal ASMR. Keep being the unique, relaxing, beautiful you!